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For Sale — 3 Pre-war MGs including an L-Type Magna and 2 MG SAs

This collection located in Watsonville, California, USA, includes a mid-restoration L-Type Magna, a mid-restoration SA Saloon, and another SA that could be used for parts. We are offering the 3MGs as a collection to ensure the proper parts go with the correct cars. All three cars have titles. We believe all of the parts are on site for a complete L-Type Magna and SA Saloon. We will not be selling individual parts. Our website has over 1,100 photos of each and every part and the About Page includes the history of the cars. Contact us anytime for more information or to schedule an examination of the cars.


Call/Text: Douglas at (925) 519-036(six)


Owner: Nancy Reader

Price: $40,000 obo