North American MMM Register

Celebrating 100 Years of MG Motoring!

Join us in celebrating the centenary anniversary of MG sports cars. The centenary calendar features key events each month in the history of MG. Follow along each month and join the celebratory MG events starting in June, 2023!

⇒ 2023 Centenary Calendar
⇒ 2023 MG Events

NAMMMR Regalia

Clothing & accessory items are now available for purchase. We also have a limited supply of NAMMMR grill badges available while supplies last!

Go to our Regalia Page for details!

NAMMMR Member Benefit

Announcing a NAMMMR Classic Auto Insurance Discount Program in association with Hagerty Classic Car Insurance and the North American Council of MG Registers.

This is an offer to NAMMMR members to obtain a 5% discount on a new or existing Hagerty Insurance Policy.

Click on the Hagerty logo to be linked directly to Hagerty's website for a quote on a policy, including the 5% discount.